30 Pictures That Will Inspire You to Visit Texas

“You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”  Davy Crockett If you had to describe Texas with hashtags which ones would you choose? #DontMessWithTexas? #RememberTheAlamo? #CowboyBootsForeva? #WillieNelsonForPresident?  I chose mine two years ago, after moving to Austin, and it’s #TexasIsNotOnlyCowboys. “Duh, Yulia!” would say anyone who was born in the U.S.A….

The Foodie Miles Best Meals of 2017

Looking at the list of my favorite meals from the past year, once again, I realized that it’s not the food alone that makes me love a meal. The people I am with, the physical space where it’s served, the vibe, the view, all play a big role. From a lobster I ate sitting on…