The Coziest Coffee Shop in Quebec City

I know three words that, when used together in one sentence, instantly make you feel warm and cozy: winter, coffee, and books. Just imagine yourself sitting in a big chair with your legs up, a steaming cup of latte in one hand and a big never-ending novel in another. You have a beautiful picture in your mind? Now let’s look around and draw the rest of it: your chair is right in front a floor-to-ceiling window that faces one of the central streets of the town. Mind you, you are on the second floor, so when you look up from your book and dreamily stare into the window, you see people running home from work and snowflakes falling down. 

Best coffee shop in Quebec city

This dream of a book-store-turned-coffee-shop can be found on Rue Saint-Jean in Quebec City. I walked past it several times not even paying attention to the old blue door before I hesitantly opened it and climbed up the squeaky steps of a steep staircase to the second floor. Bookshelves take up most of the space here with a few tables in between.

Book shop on St Jean Quebec

I spent a good hour sipping on my café au lait and browsing through pages of a book dedicated to nude art. Promise, it just happened to be on a shelf near me. Stop by this place to slow down the speed of your day and have a moment for yourself with a favorite novel. 

Best coffee shop in Quebec city

Librairie St-Jean Baptiste

Address: 565 rue St-Jean, Quebec, Quebec G1R 1P5

Hours: Mon-Sun: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Tip: bring some cash, they don’t accept credit cards

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